Why You Should Choose AdsPower Instead of Multilogin

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So… As you’re reading this, we can see that you are hesitating between AdsPower and Multilogin. You might have heard words like “the most costly is the best quality." But is it true about Multilogin, which appears to be the most expensive antidetect browser in the industry?

In this article, we compare AdsPower and Multilogin in terms of undetectability, pricing, features, and automation tools. Keep reading and make the right choice!

Fingerprint masking for undetectability



Native fingerprints

Chromium-based browser

Firefox-based browser

Multikernels method

Android emulation

iOS emulation

Fingerprints tests passed

AdsPower is one of the leaders that offers both Chromium- and Firefox-based browsers and the multikernels method for greater undetectability, as does Multilogin.

Right features at the right price



Free version

Free trial before purchase

Pricing starting at



❌ It makes sense to test a product before you can depend on it and use it effectively, but Multilogin doesn't even give you the option to do so.

✅ AdsPower offers a perpetually free version. When you're ready to upgrade to an advanced plan, you can try it out for three days without paying anything. We also give you the option to customize a plan based on the number and types of team members.

Efficient and convenient work

Operation in batches



Mass create profiles

Mass launch profiles

Mass import cookies

Mass add proxies

Mass upload extensions

❌ When you need to manage a large number of profiles, you should do so in batches rather than individually. Unfortunately, Multilogin doesn’t provide many options in this situation.

✅ AdsPower simplifies things by allowing you to complete batch operations.

Recycle Bin



Recycle bin

❌ It happens when you remove a profile by mistake or suddenly remember there’s something you need in a deleted profile. In Multilogin, however, there is no room for regret. Once the profile is deleted, it cannot be restored, as the information is also deleted from their server.

✅ In AdsPower, you can find the deleted profiles in the Recycle Bin, where they will be kept for 7 days so that you can restore them at any time during this period.

Automation approach tailored to team needs



Local API

Facebook automation service

Automation tool

RPA Robot

Cookie Robot

❌ Multilogin has this Cookie Robot that automatically opens websites and creates Cookie history for each browsing profile, but only in certain behavioral patterns and without custom scheduling.

✅ While offering Local API and additional Facebook automation service, AdsPower also offer the RPA Robot for customizing automation tasks: design the process and schedule the task as you see fit. Read here to find out how the RPA Robot works.

Furthermore, if you are a beginner and have little idea of what kind of automation task to set up, the RPA Marketplace is the right place for you, where you can find dozens of templates for different platforms, such as Facebook, Amazon, Tik Tok, etc.

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